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Flannelkimono Revisits: Beverly Hills, 90120

This winter, we have watched a lot of series on Showtime and HBO. After The Righteous Gemstones and Someone, Somewhere ended on HBO, and not really being into the new season of Billions, I was ready to watch something different. Enter PlutoTV.

PlutoTV is owned by the streaming division of Paramount, and is full of streaming and on demand content. In just a week, we've watched a bunch of really cool documentaries, movies, and live concerts. There are stations of just music videos, separated by genre.

But! My favorite thing about PlutoTV? They have a Beverly Hills, 90210 station. As far as I can gather, they show the classic 90210 mostly, but there's also a small afternoon break for Melrose Place, a show I never watched and still don't really want to. I'd rather revisit the gang at West Beverly.

I watched 90210 religiously the entire time it was on (TEN YEARS! 292 episodes!). That's a pretty big commitment to a TV show that I also have never fully rewatched. A few years back, I dated a guy who decided that we as a couple were going to watch 90210 together. Only rub: he wanted to watch it in order. No skipping through to the best episodes. He seemed to love making things that I loved completely boring to me, including himself!

The 90210 station has the formula down pat: they play nothing but the bangers. And, they follow an entire story arc through. For example: I just watched the Donna Martin Graduates episodes the other day, and I got the prom, the protest, and the graduation. The very first episode I watched was the one where David Silver was performing at the Beverly Hills Beach Club.

Upon watching the BHBC episode and Spring Fling, I remembered how much I loved David. And man, he danced so much. You know I'm not going to talk about David without sharing a video. You really need to experience his dancing and singing with your own Here he is, soaking panties at the BHBC with the soft soulful jam, Be My Love.

And here's a greatly chaotic comp of a bunch of David's dance scenes:

Y'all, I have truly fallen into a hole. I've watched 90210 almost every day since installing Pluto. The nostalgia is fun, but there's also something oddly soothing about watching a very weird timecapsule of 1990's teen culture. I'll be weighing in on some other favorite episodes, and also, maybe dissect why I was watching this show--I don't really like any of the characters, and their life was completely unattainable for me, a poor, fat punk girl from Akron, Ohio.

There's also a mall episode, but I'll write about that over at Rust Belt Mallwalker soon!

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