About Me

I am a storyteller, photographer, and genuinely curious observer. I make my home in Akron, Ohio, and have lived in the shadow of what this place used to be ever since I was born.

I started to document the decline of shopping malls in 2016. I worked in malls for years, and grew up during the great age of mallrats (the nineties). I would visit malls while traveling, and as we started to uncover more aesthetically intact, but simultaneously nearly completely empty properties, I found myself wanting to see more. I've been sharing my photos on instagram, which can be easily found through the hashtags #rustbeltmallwalker and #mallpreservationsociety . I am also a pop culture nut, and love to write about the presence of malls in movies, television, and even music.

TL;DR: Sad lady with a camera watches a cultural phenomenon unfold in front of her lens, and like a crow, she leaves little findings and stories all over the internet for people to see, share, and enjoy.

I am a member of the Society for Commercial Archaeology, and DOCOMOMO US. I am a former barista, body spray peddler, fitting room attendant, and forever mallrat. I'd love to talk to you about malls.