November 3, 2020




 I feel like I'm stuck in a kind of lethargic Groundhog Day lately. And that movie fucking sucked, as this feeling does. Music is getting me through this afternoon.

Strand of Oaks is a band that has gotten me through some SHIT. Imagine losing your mind and putting it back together again, with an album like Heal as part of your soundtrack? Jesus, I don't recommend the breakdown but I do recommend having great music while you're battling your ghosts.

Weird Ways just came on, from Eraserland, which was a couple albums after Heal. The opening refrain of "I - I don't feel it anymore/Somehow I see clearer than before" just rubbed across my bones like a ghost, and wow.

Weird Ways (live at KEXP)

I am going to try and blog more. But I need to become reacquainted with using a computer. I've been squinting at my damn phone screen for way too long. I need to write more. I need to write more about music. I need to read and research and share and stay off of the hamster wheel of lost time. 

I'm also going to start sharing more of my nostalgia deep dives. I realize now how much other people would probably enjoy them!

 I also want to try and do this second quarantine right. Maybe I'll start lifting weights? Or maybe i'll just become an evenings-only cannabis user? Who knows.


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