My Morning Ritual, August 2020.

  • Wake up. Stay in bed for an extra 30 minutes or so, because the cat is asleep on me, and she looks peaceful and cute, and I don't want to be a monster and disturb her. Lay in bed, catching up on the group chat, the group text, and maybe scroll through my IG feed (which is mostly retail architecture and roadside attractions, my favorite).
  • Finally get out of bed. Go to the kitchen. Take pills, make coffee, refill water bottle. I carry a glass Starbucks bottle full of water with me at all times, because I can't trust myself to not spill a glass of water. That, and I like to stay hydrated.  
  • Make breakfast. I'm rarely hungry in the morning, so I usually have a protein shake. Sometimes, I'll get super adventurous and have a slice of (sprouted, low sodium) toast. 
  • Take the handful of pills that keep me going: Buspar for anxiety, Wellbutrin for depression, Vitamin D and B-12 because I live in the Land Of No Sun, a multivitamin to round out the rest.
  • Check in on Facebook. Is everyone still yelling at each other for having opinions? Yep. Cool. Nothing's changed. Skip the feed, and check in on the retail pages I follow, for news since retail is apocalypsing even quicker right now. Will anything be left at this time next year?
  • Check Twitter. Lament how much I miss latenight Twitter of days past, but I don't miss having to delete a bunch of shit I wrote while I was blacked out the night before. Tweet a bunch and then realize I could be writing instead of just sharing clips.
  • Write. It doesn't matter what or why, I just write. Some days it's brain dump into a journal, other days, I come here and blog. Writing helps me focus, and figure out how I'm feeling today, and what I plan to get accomplished.


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