How I'm Getting Through the Pandemic, a Series. Part 2:

I deleted the Facebook and Twitter app from my phone. That way, nothing and nobody can ruin my day until I have had at least one cup of coffee. I can get out of bed, stretch, and enjoy my day without access to the 24-hour news cycle.

Look, I am concerned about everything that is going on with the world. And I studied journalism; it is in my blood to want to be following news and researching shit constantly, because I can. But I need a break from all of the bad news. If the orange fella does something terrible when I'm not on, I'll find out about it later. If it's really bad, someone will text about it. I can't be a person who sets limits and keeps the apps on my phone, either. I have shit impulse control, and it's a work in progress. So I deleted the apps and now I'm not irritated before I even crawl out of bed.

I tried deleting Facebook. But unfortunately, I can't get any good local news anywhere other than Facebook. Our local paper is not great, and doesn't cover things quickly. I also follow a lot of retail pages, and it's easier to access from Facebook. I cleared out a bunch of the digital detritus that one tends to collect on Facebook, which helped. I still hate being on there.

Accessing Facebook and Twitter via a computer feels like such a pain in the ass, too. It really isn't; that's how I did it for years, as I tweeted funny shit from my couch while I was in intense emotional and physical pain. So I tend to check in way less.

The only person who can ruin my day now before I get out of bed is me. And so far, I've been doing pretty good at not doing that.

What I miss:

AIM chats, even the ones with strangers. It was cool to get locked in a chat for hours with someone you'd likely never speak to again.

Going to coffee houses and hanging out

Shows. My god, I miss shows. My wardrobe by the time we get back to it, though, is gonna be NUTS.


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