How I'm Getting Through The Pandemic, A Series. Part 1:

1. Legal Cannabis. 

I have talked about my mental health struggles here and there, but now I've decided it's gonna be more here than there, ya dig? My official diagnosis includes PTSD, which is one of the qualifying conditions in the state of Ohio. I struggle with insomnia, high anxiety, body pain, and other things that come along with a lifetime of trauma and major depression. I got my medical marijuana license in Ohio in April, and it's been one of my smartest moves during 2020. During the stay at home order, I was able to put in my orders over the phone and then pick them up curbside. I have the option to order online, too. The prices are high, sure. But the quality is there, the market is still very new, and I don't have to call my friend to call their friend (which, hello, COVID marked the point of a lot of people losing their connects). Going to the dispensary is a lot like going to the Apple store, and I honestly love the Apple store. Everyone is there to help you, the place is sleek and smells great, and you leave with a bag of things that will somehow make you happy and more productive. Since having legal access to medical cannabis, I have noticed a difference in my focus and my mood.

Current Favorite Strain: Sherbhead from Klutch Cannabis.

I went to Vegas for the first time in 2018 with my sister. Cannabis is legal there for recreational use, so of course, in true Morris Sisters fashion, overindulged for our entire weeklong trip. One day, we got a preroll of Fluffhead. I couldn't believe the absolute clarity of my brain after smoking that strain. I spent the rest of the trip smoking mostly Headband derivatives, and told myself "if I could get this strain every day, I could do ANYTHING! I could finally write my book! Hell, I could finally WRITE!"

2020 saw my photography travel schedule die down considerably, and holy shit, wouldn't you know? I found my perfect Headband strain right here in Ohio. Sherbhead gives me an energetic buzz, while my entire body feels tingly and warm. It knocks my regular schedule of high anxiety, intrusive thoughts and constant muscle tension right out. Trauma has left me with what feels like static in my brain; when I feel really anxious, I feel like I can't hear anyone. I find myself more present when I'm medicated and socializing, and actually engaging in conversation, too.  And I've done  more writing in the past few months than I have in probably ten years, so fuck, I think I'll have to work on writing that book.

I wish I could break it down to you about terpenes and all of that other Weed Nerd talk, but I honestly am not that knowledgeable of that kind of stuff. That's what Reddit is for, and I'm thankful every trip to the dispensary for the people of r/OhioMarijuana.

Klutch Cannabis should send me around to talk to people in my loud ass jumpsuits asking them if they have heard the good word about Sherbhead, because I really love having it in my rotation of flower that makes me feel focused and creative. I look forward to trying more of their products in the near future, as I have heard good things about their Orange 43, Motorbreath, and 999. So many strains, so little time (and money)...Ooh, I could do product reviews.

(I don't have any photos of cannabis available right now, so I figured an unedited shot of Rolling Acres Mall that I just found on my computer would be a worthy substitute.)


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