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Las Vegas.

I visited Vegas for the first time in 2018. My sister and I were texting (as we always do),  probably bitching about the godawful, never-ending Ohio winter. We reminisced about the sunshine, and thought fondly of the few months that we actually get to see it, just in time for a humid, shitty, bug filled Ohio summer.

We've traveled together, a lot. We started taking road trips to see bands when she was still in high school. She was my roll dog for most of the Hold Steady shows I attended in the last decade. We lived together for a few years, until I met Kurt and Shit Changed Quickly. I had just started to peek out from under the mountain that was my nervous breakdown, so when my sister offered to take me somewhere warm, I jumped at it. The only deal was that I had to find the flights and hotels. I love planning trips. I'm Very Good at it. She was entrusting me to find us a good time.

That evening, I got an email from Frontier Airlines for cheap ass flights to Las Vegas. I look…