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What It's Like to Live in Akron, Ohio in 2020.

I live in the cool neighborhood in Akron. I love the building that I live in. It's super old, really big, and affordable. We've been in the same place since 2015.

I live in between two major arteries, which lead to the three hospitals in the area. I hear sirens at all times of day, every day. I can't remember the last time that I didn't hear sirens around here. I also hear gunshots regularly. I live a block over from a street with a lot of shootings, and less than a mile from where even more happen. At night, when there's less noise from street traffic, it sounds like fireworks.

This neighborhood is loud, period. There seems to be a neverending stream of people who like to scream as they're walking by our building. There's one guy who sings so loud and out of key a few times a day who has become my favorite. The guy who screams about the sonofabitch who killed his brother is not my favorite. The road noise is so loud that if we're watching tv, we have …

Las Vegas.

I visited Vegas for the first time in 2018. My sister and I were texting (as we always do),  probably bitching about the godawful, never-ending Ohio winter. We reminisced about the sunshine, and thought fondly of the few months that we actually get to see it, just in time for a humid, shitty, bug filled Ohio summer.

We've traveled together, a lot. We started taking road trips to see bands when she was still in high school. She was my roll dog for most of the Hold Steady shows I attended in the last decade. We lived together for a few years, until I met Kurt and Shit Changed Quickly. I had just started to peek out from under the mountain that was my nervous breakdown, so when my sister offered to take me somewhere warm, I jumped at it. The only deal was that I had to find the flights and hotels. I love planning trips. I'm Very Good at it. She was entrusting me to find us a good time.

That evening, I got an email from Frontier Airlines for cheap ass flights to Las Vegas. I look…