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The past ten years, part two: You gotta heal.

The shirt I'm wearing in this photo from 2014 is where the name Flannelkimono was born. This was my favorite flannel shirt from high school. I bought it at the Hills Department Store directly across from Rolling Acres Mall. My best friend Kim worked back in the layaway department, so I would go up there and hang out with her. I lived in this flannel my entire senior year, and probably the two years following it. There are quite a few pictures of me from the early nineties wearing this flannel.

When my mom got sick, I was tasked with going over and cleaning her house, and cleaning a lot of the bullshit she had stuffed into every corner of her house. When I was cleaning out her closet, I found my beloved flannel. When I slipped it on, I was immediately shocked by how oversized it was. At the time, I was at least 80 pounds heavier than I had been in high school, and I could wrap the damn thing around me. I laughed and told my sister "it's kind of like wearing a flannel kim…