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Over the past couple weeks, an alumni group has surfaced on Facebook for people who graduated from the same high school as me during the nineties. There's talk of an all class reunion next summer, and someone started the group to get the actual event planned. I joined the group, because I'm always happy to see big events being organized for my old hometown.

The group became a spot where people started posting photos from back in the day, as well as photos of their lives now: kids, vacations, and what they've been up to since graduation.  At first, it was fun. Then, it started jogging bad memories. I started to think about the insecure girl who vandalized my car at the mall, because she didn't want me talking to her boyfriend (who was my ex, who until that point I was on good terms with). I started to think about the guy in the hallway who told me I'd be prettier if I wasn't so fat.

I have revisited this time in my life already safely in my therapist's offi…