Ladies Night

I'm feeling very spiritual this evening, having spent my last evening on the lawn at Blossom, seeing Heart live for the first time in my life. 
This is my second Bad Bitch Summer. I started the tradition last summer, when I spent a lot of time with my homegirl, smoking weed and listening to Cardi B. I'd write for hours, and it helped me become productively creative again. So I decided that it was going to become an annual event. Bad Bitch summer so far has involved me wearing a two piece swimsuit in public (and not feeling weird about it), having a tan, smoking weed, and listening to various bad bitch playlists while I edit photos and push myself to write more. I've always heard that you should fake it 'til you make it, and I firmly believe in Bad Bitch Summer helping me shine through the long winter.

I hadn't planned on going to see Heart. I always see a ton of shows that I want to go to, and promptly forget and miss the show. My friend had tickets that she wasn't able to use, so she was kind enough to give them to me. I asked my friend Sarah to go, and she responded with a hell yeah. My sister and her friends also ended up with free tickets, so we decided to meet up at the venue and sit together.  
Sarah and I got there early, to tailgate. I admit, I've never really tailgated. I'm too impatient, and for a long time, I was that annoying person who got to shows crazy early so that I could be up front. But I'm older now, and off of a recent leg surgery, so I welcomed the idea of sitting and drinking beer, which is what we did. Beer and snacks and chats, all of my favorite things in one.

People were everywhere, just hanging out. Lots of dads parked in their lawn chairs, Budwiser in one of those godawful aluminum bottles clutched in his hand (the one with the gold watch). But also, lots of ladies there with their ladies, having a ladies night, being fucking ladies. I get that now. I have ladies. We do lady shit together.  I was currently sharing some delicious veggies and rice and drinking an IPA and shooting the shit with one of my ladies. I was meeting my other ladies inside, so we could all hang out in a big lady group. There were ladies with weed pens. Ladies in their WINE MOM shirts and buttery soft leggings. Ladies I had known, and ladies I wish I knew. We all made our way inside, to set up our party camps in various places on the sprawling lawn.

The scene made sense. A lot of us grew up with moms who listened to Heart. Some of us have daughters who listen to Heart. We were all there for the same reason: to have the best night of our lives, at least for that day. And to hear those songs that weaved their way into our lives, either through car rides with your best friend's mom, or because you worked at a Super KMart third shift. The guys who cleaned the floors always had the classic rock station on, and you looked forward to hearing Alone at 3am in an empty KMart. It felt so fitting considering the time and place.

We had our own little area set up with blankets and snacks and weed pens and overpriced alcoholic beverages. I've been on a little bit of a White Claw/Truly bender. I avoid drinking liquor and beer now, but a good faux seltzer is fine by me. White Claw does some serious goddamned damage, wanna know why? Because White Claw is basically just 4Loko 4Girls. I get hooked on some terrible malt beverage in a can every summer. Me and Joy had a Strawberrita Summer. Boones Farm ruled the school when we were young. Carol and I went through a brief flirtation with 4Loko when we were old enough to know better but dumb enough to try, because we knew it'd be fun, and it was.
It was nice to be surrounded by people I know, and have known through various points of our lives. It's always going to be a little wild for me to think about the fact that I'm out partying with my little sister, who I used to bully into riding roller coasters with me. The scene has changed and we've all settled into our own little lives, and it's really nice to be able to meet up in the middle and celebrate that once in a while.
The openers were great. Elle King was on first. I love her voice, love her vibe, love her Instagram. Joan Jett was next. She sounded great, but there was a lack of stage presence for me. I got pumped when she played Bad Reputation, because it reminded me of Freaks and Geeks. Joan Jett was one of my first rock and roll heroes, and it was awesome to see her live, even if it was 30 years later. I do love rock and roll, Joan. I do.
Heart came out and the entire place went nuts. It was really busy; busier than i've seen a show at Blossom in a really long time. Everyone was dancing and singing, smoking, drinking, trying not to slide down the hill on their blankets.
Ann and Nancy Wilson  are goddamned goddesses, and we are lucky to live in a world with them in it. Ann's voice was incredible, the band ripped, and I was impressed. That doesn't always happen, but I was just happy to be there, hearing Alone and Never performed somewhere other than in my car while I'm driving. But the overall vibe of the place was awesome, too. Things have been tense lately, and going out in public doesn't always feel safe. But everyone was there, singing, dancing, drinking, smoking, making out, hugging, whatever. It was beautiful. It was what I've needed. 


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