Road Trip: Virginia

I first became aware of the president heads through this video from Wussy for "She's Killed Hundreds". I was absolutely fascinated by these decaying heads of our founding fathers as soon as I saw the video, so I immediately went to Google to look for more info. I knew that the director of the video was from Virginia, so I believe I looked up "abandoned president heads Virginia", and a bunch of news articles came up. From what I could tell, the presidents were sitting on private land. People would break into the property to take their coolest photos for the 'gram. I'm comfortable with light tresspassing, but full on breaking into someone's property? Nah. I'm too old for that shit. So, I resigned myself to not seeing these massive structures in person; I'd just look through Instagram tags and admire other people's shots.

Fairly recently, a woman I follow on Instagram posted photos from the heads, and mentioned that she had paid to do a photo tour there. I sent her a message, and she directed me to John Plashal Photo. He was in fact hosting photo tours, and mentioned that the president heads would be moving sometime in early summer, so I knew my window was small. I had to make the trip.

I've never been a huge fan of Virginia. I spent a fair amount of time in Richmond in my twenties, and never liked the people or the traffic. Virginia Beach always seemed dirty to me. But I knew I had to go and photograph the president heads while I still could.

I booked a session on Memorial Day weekend, and my husband and I planned a quick trip to Virginia, with stops along the way to see other roadside attractions.

We left early afternoon on a Saturday. The photo tour was on Sunday. We headed home on Monday. All in all, we put nearly 1,300 miles on our rental car, and came home with a ton of photos.

Saturday thoughts and wrap-up to come in a new post. Until then, enjoy this video from Wussy.


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