On Rental Cars:

We like to rent cars for our road trips. My husband drives stick, and his car is the nicer of the two, so it's easier to rent something that we can both drive. Admittedly, he drives more than I do, but it's nice to at least have the option to share the drive, especially on long hauls like Virginia. It's nice to not have to worry about anything going wrong. We can blast the AC and listen to Sirius/XM. We can run the hell out of a car and return it at the end of the weekend. It's a win/win.

I have a Budget and an Enterprise within spitting distance of my house, but we always drive 20 minutes to rent from the Akron/Canton Airport. Renting a car from the airport is always at least $10/day cheaper, especially when booking through a discount site.

When you book through Priceline or Hotwire, you can't reserve the car, just the car class. Sometimes, we luck out and get a fun car. Unfortunately, we also get some stinkers. Just two weeks prior, we had rented a car for our quick trip to Virginia, and got stuck with a Ford Ecosport, which was a sort of crossover. It was like driving a taller Ford Escort. What a garbage fire of a vehicle. So, we were due for some car rental good ju-ju. 

We went to pick up our car for Chicago/Detroit. I asked the guy what we'd be renting. He told  us that our choices were a Dodge RAM (!!!!! me, in a DODGE RAM !!!!!!! no.), or some Nissan SUV. I have driven nothing but small cars over the past 15 or so years of my life. So, imagine how stupid it was having to drive through downtown Philadelphia in an SUV that you're not familiar with. Or trying to park one of those monsters. No thanks, I'm not trying to actually use my car insurance on your rental car. He apologized for not having any cars available. Not your fault, dude.

BUT THEN! like a beautiful polo-and-khaki wearing angel with a flattop, his coworker came in with two sets of keys, one of which belonged to a Dodge Charger. My eyes lit up (as did my husband's), and he asked if we wanted the Charger.

Hell yeah we do.

We both loved driving the Charger. It was comfortable, it looked cool, and it handled nicely. It got up to 100 mph really quickly, but it didn't feel like you were going that fast. Also, it was this weird flat grey color, and it looked like most of the State Highway Patrol cars on the road, so people got out of our way. THAT is what I call an upgrade. Get out of my way, I have shit to see and things to do.

My only real complaint about the Charger was that it smelled heavily of really dank cannabis. I figured the smell would dissipate, but it stayed strong, to the point that I looked under my seat to see if someone had dropped a bag. To the people who had the car before us, dang, it's the future, you can ingest cannabis in so many ways now that *don't* stink. Save the stinky stuff for home.

I look forward to our next trip, and seeing what our next ride will be. And since I thought about it while we were out on this past trip, here are a few shots of our sweet Charger.


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