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Oh Make Me Over.

I don't stay up late much anymore. I prefer to take an Ambien, and sleep when everyone else is asleep. But tonight for some reason, I've felt really restless, so I decided to just go with it and stay up.

When I'm up this late, I usually find a trashy makeover show on Netflix. Those are my shit. From the first time I watched a makeover episode of The Jenny Jones Show, I knew that I was hooked. I've watched stuff like Extreme Makeover.

I found one on Netflix called Bringing Sexy Back. Besides its hilariously dated name, it's Australian. So I get makeovers and accents? Cool.

The first episode (I think, tbh I'm also at what we like to call "a comfortable cruising altitude", it could be the second episode) is a husband and wife. They have two kids that play a lot of fucking cricket, and also somehow one of them is also in band? Anyways, the mom runs them around to all the things, and doesn't have time to make them food. So they eat garbage, and put on…