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One Month Later.

Since transplant, my mom has had hallucinations. When she was in the SICU, she kept telling us that someone was out to get her, and that we wouldn't believe what the hospital was doing. She kept showing me her incisions, which are huge and closed with staples. She was in ICU for around two weeks, and finally moved to the regular floor.

Since moving to that floor, she's had problems with mentation. Her thinking isn't there. She isn't always verbal. She goes entire days without speaking to her nurses. We go to visit, and she first asks where my husband is. If he's with us, she's excited to see him. Calls him by his name. But she doesn't use me or my sister's name. She will be trying to talk, and just blank out and start staring into space (or at the tv). She has 24 hour supervision, because she's tried to pull out her various lines.

It's hard to watch. I can tell that she knows what's going on; that she can't think straight or verbalize a…