REVIEW: The Hell You Say- "A Dream and the Monsters at the End of It..."

I've been jumping around scenes for years. I spent a few of my younger years totally into hardcore, and a few years in the mid-2000s really into metal. I still listen to a lot of metal and hardcore, especially if I'm trying to get some shit done, or feeling a little aggressive and need to let some of that energy out. Luckily, The Hell You Say sent me a link to their two song EP.

The Hell You Say is a five piece that hails from Louisville, KY, a town that spawned a ton of great hardcore bands over the years. Their songs launch a direct assault on the listener and don't give up. Vocalist Jeremy Fultineer screams and snarls with precision. The crushing guitar riffs and drums and bass to match kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The only bad part, really, is that there are only two songs so far. I want more!

You can pick up the EP on Bandcamp , and check them out on tour soon.