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Langhorne Slim @ Beachland Ballroom, 9/21/16, Cleveland, Ohio

Photo: Todd Cooper

With about 10 days to go until our wedding, the last thing I should be doing is going to a show. But anyone who knows me knows that for me, going to a show is anything but just going to a show.

Live music has kept me alive over the years. When I was young and my life was tough, I surrounded myself with music. I would read about bands in music magazines and zines. I traded mix tapes with pen pals. I went to my first live show in 1989. After graduating high school in 1994, I started to travel. Here we are in 2016, and i’ve been to thousands of shows all over the US and Canada. I work around music and musicians now, and I’m always listening to music in my car, in my office, and around the house.

I saw Langhorne Slim play at Mountain Stage in West Virginia back in November of 2015. Craig Finn was the main act on that bill, which is why I was there. Kurt had seen Langhorne Slim before, and he knew I would love him. He did three songs that night (as well as a couple songs at the after party at the eternally weird Empty Glass), and watching him work the crowd was something beyond magical, and I’ve wanted to see him live since that night.

We had already missed John Moreland on Monday at Beachland (which yes, I’m still kicking myself over). But through the magic of the internet, I was able to secure a spot on the guestlist for my fiance and I. I love when musicians are interactive with their fans on social media. I had posted about being too broke to go to the show, and Langhorne Slim said our spot on the list was a wedding present to us both.

A Langhorne Slim show isn’t just a show: it’s a whole experience. At times, it felt like a tent revival, with the audience dancing, clapping, and singing along. Langhorne Slim left the stage to sing and dance in the crowd while his band The Law kept the momentum going from the stage. He encouraged people to sing along with him, as loud as possible. He’s a great storyteller, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

The songs were heavily from his most recent album, The Spirit Moves, and there were some other songs from older releases sprinkled in.

If you love high energy indie folk, make sure to check out Langhorne Slim and the Law the next time they come through your town. It will be a night you will not soon forget.


  1. This place is so special! Speaking of special, this is how our evening went. I met my buddies in the downstairs part of the Chicago venues, which is more than just an average kind of bar with a lot of woodwork.


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