A Mall and a Movie: Sherman Oaks Galleria / Fast Times At Ridgemont High (1982)

Sherman Oaks Galleria starring as Ridgemont Mall in Fast Times at Ridgemont High   Welcome to a mall and a movie, with me, flannelkimono! When I wasn't hanging out at the mall, I was definitely at home, watching movies. My family always prioritized having cable over everything, so we always had cable with HBO and Showtime. Ridiculous, right? But I'm thankful for that digital babysitter. Now I'm a wealth of ridiculous pop culture nuggets! Fast Times at Ridgemont High was absolutely one of the movies I watched repeatedly on HBO. I still wear the same black and white checkered Vans slip-ons that Jeff Spicoli wore in the movie. And the carrot scene from that movie was absolutely in my head the first time I ever gave someone a blowjob. Ah, youth. Like many of the movies of this time, the mall acted as a central character; it was where all of the stories and the people came together. It could absolutely be argued that this movie is the one that planted the idea in my head that t

Rust Belt Mallwalker.

I've spent the past four years visiting and documenting malls across the Rust Belt and beyond. It started with a nervous breakdown, which led me to pick up my camera, which led me back to my first childhood home, Rolling Acres Mall. I've always been in malls. Rolling Acres was always quite literally in my backyard. I could see the mall clear as day from my high school, which made wanting to go to school really tough, since high school sucked and the mall didn't. My house was two miles from the mall. We spent a lot of time coordinating how we were going to get to the mall, who we were going to meet there, and who was going to bring us home. My childhood home was unpredictable, and my neighborhood wasn't very safe. I wouldn't walk around my neighborhood, but I'd walk around the mall alone, no problem. The lights were always going to be on at the mall. I could hang out with friends at the mall, and we collectively were able to skip the part where we had